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Unlock Digital Dentistry with Starcona + Ackuretta and Save $900 Visit Promotion
Unlock Digital Dentistry with Starcona + Ackuretta and Save $900 Visit Promotion
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SOL - Ackuretta

SOL - Build Platform

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  • High-Precision Printing: SOL Build Platforms provide exact dental models of all sizes, resulting in enhanced treatment planning and appliance fit, which leads to superior patient outcomes.
  • Rapid Printing Process: Efficient printing process saves valuable time for dental practices, allowing them to focus more on patient care.
  • Resource Conservation: All platforms conserve resources, aligning with the sustainability goals of dental practices.
  • Waste Reduction: SOL Build Platforms significantly reduce waste, thus contributing to cost savings.
  • Precise Fitting: The accuracy of the printed dental models ensures that the appliances fit perfectly, enhancing patient comfort and satisfaction.
  • Wide Range of Models: Each platform size can produce various dental models, facilitating comprehensive treatment planning and improving patient outcomes.

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Size: Small
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SOL Build Platform series - the ultimate solution for dental practices seeking a comprehensive range of sizes to meet their specific needs. With a Small, Medium, and Large platform available, you can choose the perfect fit for your practice, from small-scale projects to high-volume workload printing. 

The SOL Build Platforms are distinguished by their precision, efficiency, and sustainability. They boast an anodized metal finish that ensures optimal print performance and durability, delivering reliable and consistent results that enhance patient care and satisfaction. These platforms are vital to creating dental models, splints, dentures, and more, offering dental practices the ability to produce high-precision prints rapidly while conserving resources and reducing waste. 

By integrating the SOL Build Platforms into your dental 3D printing processes, you can improve patient care, enhance treatment planning, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of dental technology. Choose SOL Build Platforms and experience the power of innovation in dental technology.

Key Features

  • ​​High-Precision 3D Printing: Ensures exact dental models for enhanced treatment planning and appliance fitting.
  • Rapid Printing Process: Designed for efficiency, saving valuable time for dental practices.
  • Resource Conservation: Focuses on sustainability, helping conserve resources in the 3D printing process.
  • Waste Reduction: Significantly reduces waste, contributing to cost savings for dental practices.
  • Hairline and Anodized Finish: Guarantees optimal print performance and durability across all models.
  • Compatibility: Each platform is designed for SOL 3D printing systems, enhancing the range of dental applications possible.


  • Product Type: SOL Build 3D Printing Platform
  • Printing Technology: High-precision 3D printing suitable for dental models, splints, and dentures
  • Finish: Hairline and anodized for optimal print performance and durability
  • Resource Efficiency: Designed for resource conservation and waste reduction
  • Compatibility: Ideal for a wide range of dental applications
  • Build Size: Small (40mm x 20mm), Medium (fits one full arch print), Large (128mm x 80mm)
Small Platform
  • Design/Build Size: Compact design, 40mm x 20mm printing area
  • Main Use/Application: Ideal for dental crowns and 3-unit bridges
  • Precision/Key Feature: High-precision design for improved fitting and functionality
Medium Platform
  • Design/Build Size: Perfectly fits one full arch print
  • Main Use/Application: Various dental models, including models, splints, and dentures
  • Precision/Key Feature: Engineered for handling specific workloads efficiently
Large Platform
  • Design/Build Size: 128mm x 80mm, suited for high-volume workload printing
  • Main Use/Application: Multiple full-arch applications
  • Precision/Key Feature: Engineered for handling specific workloads efficiently

The SOL Build Platforms are a significant advancement in dental 3D printing. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes and are known for their precision and cost-effectiveness. These platforms address the dental industry's challenges, such as outdated equipment and high operating costs.

The Small Build Platform is a crucial solution for dental practices that need to improve small-scale project efficiency. Its compact design optimizes space within dental settings, and its rapid and precise 3D printing capabilities ensure exceptional accuracy for dental restorations such as crowns and 3-unit bridges. The anodized metal finish guarantees optimal print performance and contributes to the platform's durability, assuring consistent, superior-quality outcomes.

The Medium Build Platform is engineered with the latest dental 3D printing technology. It is ideal for producing a broad range of dental models, from splints to dentures. Its design promotes fast and efficient printing processes, enhancing treatment planning and patient comfort. This platform focuses on resource conservation and waste reduction, aligning with the sustainability objectives of contemporary dental practices, all while ensuring reliable and durable results thanks to its hairline and anodized finish.

The Large Build Platform is perfect for dental practices that handle high-volume printing tasks. Its large print size (128mm x 80mm) and unique features, including an anodized hairline finish and base layer adherence, make it a powerhouse for efficiently producing accurate and precise dental prosthetics. This platform streamlines workflow for multiple full-arch applications, significantly reduces material waste and operating costs and offers dental practices a competitive edge in the market.

Integrating any SOL Build Platforms into your dental practice will significantly improve patient care, productivity, and profitability.