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Unlock Digital Dentistry with Starcona + Ackuretta and Save $900 Visit Promotion
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Shining 3D

Shining 3D AccuFab L4K 3D Printer

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  • 4k resolution - Layer as thin as 25 microns
  • Large printing plate ~ 34 sq. in.
  • Advanced cooling technique of the optical system

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AccuFab-L4K is a high-precision resin 3D printer independently developed by SHINING 3D. With the help of 4K resolution and 192 x 120 x 180 mm print size, AccuFab-L4K produces extraordinary print results with high fidelity while achieving continuous and stable operation. AccuFab-L4K is your ideal choice to meet most prototyping, engineering, and small volume production needs



Accurate Precise
IT7- level printing accuracy, to ensure the printing size is consistent with the design size.
Outstanding Uniformity
High luminance uniformity achieves up to 90%.
Beyond the Limits
Provides not only the possibility to obtain features, smaller than a pixel, but also superior surface finish.
L4K Accuracy

AccuFab L4K

Reliable Performance

State-of-the-Art Robustness
AccuFab- L4K™s 5 million layers tested in real engineering condition provides state- of- the- art reliability.
District Cooling System
DCS (District Cooling System) maintains the temperature of optical system under 40„ƒ, while extending the 3D printer lifespan significantly.
Industrial Grade Components and Quality Inspections
Assembly production adopts industrial-grade components, passed 21 strict factory inspections, to ensure the high quality of the factory equipment.

4K Resolution

4K resolution satisfy the demands of users for efficiency and details.
L4K 4k Resolution

AccuFab L4K Large Prints

Large Print Size

Large format, rapid prototyping, high efficiency printing.

Multiple Material Options

Shining Engineering Resin
Shining Engineering covers a wide range of materials for engineering 3D printing applications, includes Standard Resin, Bio-compatable Resin and Water Washable Resin, provides great size accuracy, surface quality, and low deformation rate.
Certified 3rd Party Material
Shining 3D partners with industry leading brands in engineering material, providing more possibility and flexibility.
AccuFab L4K Resins

AccuFab L4K Software

Professional Software

Plug and Play
Guided interactive operation provides gentle learning curve, low learning costs.
Free Updates
Push update of software and material packages.
Collaborative Management
Collaborative Management Multi-equipment collaborative management, achieve rapid production in small batches.


Standard Resin
Standard resin is a stable and high-performance standardized resin. It has great size accuracy as well surface quality, which is great for displaying details of the prints. It meets most prototyping, engineering, and low volume production needs.
Water Washable Resin
It™s an environment friendly low odor resin, which is easy to clean by water. There is no worry about the dangerous by using alcohol or IPA. Water Washable resin has high surface quality, strong mechanical properties and good stability.
L4K 4k Applications

AccuFab L4K Applications 2


Rigid Resin
They are specifically engineered to deliver class-leading tensile strength and rigidity, as well as high print accuracy with low shrinkage, and to ensuring the long-term UV stability of printed parts. These prints have low water uptake and are easy to polish.
Durable Resin
Durable Resin can accept certain pressure without damaging the structure, suitable for engineering prototypes that need to withstand pressure or tension temporally. This is the right choice for Tough resin applications where a limited degree of impact adsorption and compression, low-stress bending and elasticity is required to avoid brittle fracturing.


Flexible Resin
Flexible resin with fine softness and good elastic feature, can simulate the deformation scenarios of different products during actual use. It deliver high elongation at break, combining high cushioning with long-term rebound and torsional strength thanks to their minimal structural degradation over time.
Medical Resin
Self-developed resin with medical equipment certification record, suitable for the printing of entry-level medical-related and medical aids products. i,e. wrist guards, orthodontic model.
L4K 4k Applications 3


Resolution 3840×2400
Pixel Size 0.05mm
Wavelength 405mm
Light Intensity 3mw/cm^2
Light Source UV LED + LCD
Print Size 192mm × 120mm × 180mm
Print Speed 10~50mm/h
Tolerance ±0.05mm
Layer Thickenss 0.025 / 0.05 / 0.075 / 0.1 mm
Working Temperature 20~30„ƒ
Working Humidity 30~70%
Interface 5 touch screen
Connection Wi-Fi/Enterenet/Thumdrive
Weight 19kg
Printer Dimensions 360mm × 360mm × 530mm
SHINING 3D Engineering Material White Material:TR01、S1;Yellow Material:DM12; Transparent Material:SG01;Black Material:S2; Washable Material:W1
BASF Engineering Material Durable Material:ST45、ST80;Rigid Material:RG35、RG50; Flexible Material:FL60、EL150
Third Party Certified Resin Third party resin materials approved by SHINING 3D, also can be used in AccuFab-L4K High-Precision Stereolithography 3D Printer

4k resolution - Layer as thin as 25 microns

Large printing plate ~ 34 sq. in.

Advanced cooling technique of the optical system