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Unlock Digital Dentistry with Starcona + Ackuretta and Save $900 Visit Promotion
Unlock Digital Dentistry with Starcona + Ackuretta and Save $900 Visit Promotion
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CURO - Ackuretta

CURO Element Model

SKU RS110010156
Original price $55.00 - Original price $450.00
Original price
$55.00 - $450.00
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  • Improved Dental Health: The CURO Crown delivers high-quality temporary restorations, enhancing patients' overall dental health. 
  • Comfort and Satisfaction: With tasteless prints and a natural tooth aesthetic, the resin ensures patients a comfortable and satisfactory experience during temporary crown or bridge placement.
  • Time-saving Solution: This resin allows dental professionals to serve more patients by reducing procedure time and improving practice productivity. 
  • High Return on Investment: The resin's high-quality results and long-lasting performance ensure a high return on investment for dental professionals.

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Size: 5kg
Color: White
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CURO Crown by Ackuretta is a Class II biocompatible resin designed to create temporary crowns and bridges. Its tasteless and abrasion-resistant properties ensure long-lasting performance, while its natural tooth aesthetic enhances patient comfort and satisfaction. Popular kits can polish and stain the CURO Crown, making it the perfect solution for all your temporary crown and bridge needs.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Material: The CURO Crown resin is a high-quality resin that offers durability and strength, making it ideal for temporary crowns and bridges.
  • Biocompatible: This resin is Class II biocompatible, ensuring patient safety and comfort.
  • Tasteless: The CURO Crown resin is tasteless, improving the patient's experience during the dental procedure.
  • Abrasion-Resistant: The resin is highly durable and resistant to abrasion, ensuring the longevity of temporary restorations.
  • Natural Tooth Aesthetic: This resin's prints have a natural tooth aesthetic, offering patients visually pleasing results.
  • Easy to Polish and Stain: The CURO Crown is formulated to be effortlessly polished and stained using popular kits, enhancing dental professionals' efficiency.


  • Product Name: CURO Crown 
  • Manufacturer: Ackuretta
  • Category: High-Quality Dental Resins
  • Application: Temporary Crowns and Bridges
  • Composition: Class II Biocompatible Resin
  • Aesthetics: Natural Tooth Appearance
  • Durability: Abrasion-resistant and Long-Lasting
  • Taste: Tasteless for Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • Special Features: Can be Easily Polished and Stained Using Popular Kits

The CURO Crown resin by Ackuretta is a game-changer in the dental industry. It's a high-quality, Class II biocompatible resin designed to create temporary crowns and bridges. Key features such as durability, tastelessness, abrasion resistance, and a natural tooth aesthetic make this resin a top choice for dental professionals.

The CURO Crown's benefits extend beyond its exceptional features. The resin delivers high-quality temporary restorations and ensures a comfortable and satisfactory patient experience. Moreover, it offers cost-effectiveness, a high return on investment, and time-saving solutions, thus enhancing practice productivity and efficiency.

Remember, the right choice of resin can make all the difference. Choose CURO Crown for high-quality resins and superior dental solutions.