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Unlock Digital Dentistry with Starcona + Ackuretta and Save $900 Visit Promotion
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VeriModel OS Ivory 1kg

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Whip Mix introduces the new version of VeriModel OS Ivory offering not only a high quality surface finish and extreme precision for models, but it can be used in any open-source 385nm or 405nm printer. It offers a wide variety of 3D printed applications, including the production of highly accurate working and presentation models for crown and bridge, prosthetics and orthodontic work.

This methacrylate-based 3D print resin made especially for dental models and removable dies. Provide high detail resolution, sharp margins, low shrinkage and long-lasting toughness. Natural ivory color gives a visual contrast to waxes but doesn™t influence the color of tooth-colored restorative materials. For use with 385nm open-system printers. Features an easy-to-clean, smooth, matte surface finish

VeriModel OS Ivory 385/405 provides the lab and dentist with all of the advantages of previous generations, including reliable accuracy, fine detail, and a beautiful, natural ivory color.

VeriModel OS Ivory is packaged in 1kg (910ml) bottles.

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Technical Specifications

Flexural Strength (ASTM D790)

Flexural Modulus (ASTM D790)

Elongation at Break (ASTM D638)

1000±250 cP at 25 degree C