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White Super Translucent Zirconia Discs

100% of 100
  • 45% translucence and 1100 Mpa bending strength
  • Easy to stain and helps minimize cost of inventory
  • Best for small to mid-sized labs
  • Manufactured in the United States and certified by the FDA
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The unshaded variant is the classic Zirconia disc, which can be used as a base for achieving a variety of shades. The versatile product works well with staining liquids from most known brands. The lab can use the same base product, and produce various shades for diverse teeth colors, which allows the lab to maintain a low inventory. Starcona’s white Zirconia discs are manufactured in the United States under strict regulations, and are completely safe to use.

Translucent, Strong, and Contamination-Free Zirconia Discs to Match Your Standards

Are you a dental laboratory looking for a trustworthy partner to source prime pre-shaded and white Zirconia discs? Then, choose Starcona! We specialize in high-quality Zirconia discs, which can be used for complete contour restorations, PFZ dental crowns, anterior bridges, and other dental applications.

Why Choose Starcona

Pure Tosh Powder

Our Zirconia discs are made of 100% Zirconia Powder from Tosoh. The Zpex®4 used to make our product exhibits 45% translucency and is highly desirable for dental applications.

FDA Registered

All our Zirconia discs are FDA registered. All our products are hypoallergenic, biologically inert, and completely safe to use.

Perfect for Customization

Our discs exhibit a bending strength of 1100MPa in the 3-point bending test, and fracture toughness of 3.5MPa.m0.5. These characteristics make it easy to mill, which is ideal for custom fittings.


All our products are made in the United States. It allows us to have more control over the manufacturing process, and uphold the quality of the final product.

Highlight 145% translucence
Highlight 21100 Mpa bending strength
Highlight 3Manufactured in the United States
Highlight 4Certified by the FDA
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